The Beef Checkoff programs are mandatory payments of $1-per-head to both the National Checkoff and the Texas State Checkoff every time cattle are sold within the State of Texas. The funds are used to promote beef promotion, marketing, research and consumer education for beef and beef products. The money can be used in Texas, the U.S. and/or internationally. The law does not allow checkoff funds to be used for lobbying activities to influence public policy or government affairs. The Texas State Checkoff is refundable.

Programs designed to increase demand for beef and beef products through industry-sponsored activities of beef promotion, research, consumer and industry information on state and national levels. Information is required by 7 CFR 1260.201 and Chapter 41, Texas Agriculture Code. Failure to report can result in a fine. Information is held in confidence per 7 CFR 1260.203 and Chapter 41, Texas Agriculture Code.