Beef Boot Camp

Posted on February 1, 2015

The Texas Beef Council (TBC) recently hosted a Beef Boot Camp for HEB meat market managers from around the state.  The group participated in a day-long training about beef nutrition, grilling techniques, quality grades, flavor pairings, and of course, delicious beef recipes!  Matching various cuts of beef with the proper cooking method is also a focus during the session.  Attendees have the opportunity to prepare different recipes and enjoy everyone’s work.  Beef Boot Camp is designed to educate retail employees so they will have beef knowledge to answer customer’s questions and provide suggestions that will result in a positive eating experience for the consumer.

Culinary Competition

The Texas Beef Council (TBC) once again partnered with the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation to sponsor regional Texas ProStart Invitational culinary competitions.  Teams of high school students compete in either the culinary or restaurant management category at the annual competitions each spring.  Vigorous coursework and on-the-job training are key elements to success.  Reaching future foodservice professionals remains a focus for the Texas beef checkoff.

Beef 706

More than 35 Texas cattle producers attended the checkoff-funded Beef 706 session held at Texas A&M University.  The two day hands-on experience is a producer program designed to educate cattlemen and women about factors impacting the safety and quality of beef.  Part of the Texas Beef Quality Producer (TBQP) program, Beef 706 allows producers to witness first-hand how their daily management decisions such as branding, weaning, handling and vaccination impact the industry’s commitment to delivering a safe, consistent, quality product.  Throughout the program producers participated in live animal evaluation, quality and yield grading and carcass fabrication.

Extra Lean Ground Beef Certified as Heart-Healthy

The Beef Checkoff Program recently announced that Extra Lean Ground Beef (Ground Beef that is at least 96% lean, 4% fat) is now certified by the American Heart Association® to display its recognized and respected Heart-Check mark. Retailers now have the opportunity to help identify eight different extra lean beef items as options for part of an overall healthy diet to their shoppers using one of the most trusted nutrition icons on food packaging today.



The Texas Beef Council (TBC) conducts the $1 per head national checkoff program for Texas beef producers and is also the contractor for the Beef Promotion Research Council of Texas (BPRCT), which administers the $1 per head Texas state checkoff program. TBC’s mission is to increase beef demand in the state through programs of beef promotion, research and education. TBC also helps fund national and international beef checkoff programs to increase marketing opportunities around the globe. The BPRCT’s mission is to improve Texas producer profitability by strengthening and expanding beef demand. The TBC and the BPRCT are directed by a 20-member board of cattlemen and women representing the state’s beef producers. For more information on this and other checkoff-funded programs, please visit or call (800) 846.4113.